The Myo Process

The First Visit

The initial visit is always an evaluation and consultation. A few forms are required so the orofacial myologist can see the full case background of signs and symptoms. A thorough evaluation will be performed, during which current muscle function will be observed and cranial nerves examined. This is done in a fun and engaging way that discourages any feelings of abnormality. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you or your loved one, we will simply evaluate which muscles are strong and which need to be stronger. At the conclusion of the evaluation you will receive a verbal prognosis and treatment plan timeline. A written treatment plan will be sent to you afterwards with a more detailed outlining of the determinations.This process is done for both in-person treatment and for tele-therapy. Tele-therapy will have some slight differences as there is no personal contact between you and the orofacial myologist. However, you will receive the same treatment and are capable of achieving the same myofunctional therapy goals without any of the hassle of a commute.

Every Visit

Therapy will consist of weekly sessions that are approximately 30-45 minutes in length.

Each therapy session will be unique and engaging. Despite our myofunctional therapy program being based in positivity, each of the exercises will be demanding. Personal dedication will be an essential trait in successful program completion. You can look forward to demonstrating the exercises you learned and practiced prior to learning new ones in every session.