Isn't it time you slept sexy?

Not Famous DC comic VILLAIN Sexy. Because debatably, is it really sexy?

Second only to the frustration of the battle of keeping the mask on,

Is the risk of not wearing it at all.

With a prevalence almost equalvent to type 2 diabetes, what are the approximately 18 million Americans to do after fielding through numerous alternatives?

Resort to cosplay every night with a loud machine over their heads. Struggling with either keeping it on or ripping it off and annoying their partner with loud snoring and startling gasps.


Decide to do nothing and ultimately increase their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, impotence, diabetes, and memory loss.

Well, when all the options are not acceptable we don’t throw in the towel. We are resilient and resourceful! Even with the current crisis occurring we work towards solutions. Social distancing has introduced Zoom parties to bring together families for birthdays and weddings, neighborhood driveway happy hour, and social media live DJ performances that bring together celebrities and the general public.

At the moment when frustration and resourceful converge, people come across the specialty service that provides much needed relief to those who have run out of options.

So Why Wait to bring Sexy Back?

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