Myofunctional Therapy made a.b.c.

Affordable, Better, Convenient

We get it, you have invested in medical treatments, appliances, and bodywork in an effort to find relief from pain or to improve your treatments, your money and time is not abundant. Relief is no longer several months or a couple of thousands of dollars away. Introducing The Myo Spot's Pivotal Breathing Method.

Available in a self-guided course, group therapy or books, this method compiles and condenses our dynamic myofunctional therapy program into an easily digestible step-by-step method for success.

A fluid combination of traditional myofunctional therapy, breathwork, tapping, affirmations, Reiki and essential oil aromatherapy, the Pivotal Breathing Method amplifies efficacy while decreasing time and effort.

Ready to finally achieve the results you have been looking for in an afforable, better and convenient way?

Starting at $2.99 and available to order on Amazon, this book will provide you with the method and resources you need to take your breathing and health in a new direction.

Download and print our affirmations to begin your positive mindset and get started today.